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The Rozu

8 mm Citrine (Heat Treated Amethyst) Bracelet

8 mm Citrine (Heat Treated Amethyst) Bracelet

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Introducing Citrine, the powerhouse crystal that's here to bring a refreshing boost to your life!

Picture Citrine as your personal energy enhancer, reviving and cleansing every part of your being. It has a knack for brightening your intuition and attracting abundance, making it a practical addition to your journey.

But there's more to Citrine than just glitter and glam. It's your source of positivity, self-esteem, and motivation. Think of it as your reliable companion for sparking creativity, improving concentration, and easing emotional imbalances.

Citrine doesn't shy away from the tough stuff either; it's your go-to crystal for banishing negativity and helping you overcome fears. So, if you're looking to add some vibrancy to your life, consider giving Citrine a try! 💎✨🌟

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