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The Rozu

5” Satin Spar Stick

5” Satin Spar Stick

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Named after the Greek goddess Selene, it also goes by names like Satin Spar, Maria Glass, or Desert Rose. But beyond its names, Selenite offers tangible advantages.

Selenite, often referred to as Satin Spar, is known for its rejuvenating qualities and the infusion of divine feminine energy. It is closely linked to the crown chakra and can be used to clear the mind, dispelling negative thoughts, memories, and mental blockages. Additionally, it may help improve sleep patterns. This is a great crystal to have to cleanse your energy, space, and even your crystals!

Utilizing Selenite in your crystal work can bring about a sense of clarity and serenity. Its practical properties make it an excellent choice for those seeking mental and emotional balance, without necessarily delving into its mythical or spiritual connotations.

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