Tumbled Sunstone

Tumbled Sunstone

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Sunstone is a joyful stone that brings happiness and optimism. It enhances communication and gives you the courage to speak from the heart. Sunstone has a very high vibration and is among the most powerful stones for healing and spiritual growth. It stimulates creativity and imagination. It aids in realization of one's gifts and talents, and in attracting what one needs for further growth. Sunstone cleanses all the chakras, aligns the subtle bodies and brings in light and energy. If life has lost its sweetness, sunstone will restore it.

Customer Reviews

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hannah rose
super pretty and perfect size

this was my first sunstone and it’s lovely! great size and such a pretty colour

madison bunn

i ordered moonstone and sunstone and the seller is SO sweet i will definitely come back

Alana Tindall
So pretty

I’ve been starting to connect more with sunstone and this piece is perfect. The color is beautiful and it was way bigger than I expected. My piece was almost perfectly round which I thought was really cool!

Sara Ali
Soo pretty

Sunstone is one of my fav crystals it has such a pretty shine when its in good lighting and overall a great purchase😊