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The Rozu

Snake Carvings

Snake Carvings

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Now, let's delve into the captivating world of Black Obsidian. It's closely tied to the Zodiac Signs Scorpio and Sagittarius and carries the fiery essence of the element of fire.

Black Obsidian is renowned for its exceptional purification and cleansing powers. Think of it as your truth-enhancing and fiercely protective ally, always ready to stand by your side. It's like a guardian that sweeps away mental stress and tension, while gracefully absorbing negative energy.

But here's where the story gets even more exciting—imagine owning a stunning snake carving of Black Obsidian! The snake symbolizes transformation and rebirth, aligning perfectly with Black Obsidian's purifying nature. It's like a powerful totem that amplifies the crystal's energy, enhancing its protective and cleansing abilities.

And here's the personal touch: Black Obsidian, especially in the form of a snake carving, is a personal favorite of mine, especially when I'm out in public! It's like a trusty companion that shields me from any negativity that might come my way, while also reminding me of the endless cycle of growth and renewal.

So, if you're seeking a lightweight, protective, and purifying gem that embodies the essence of fire and transformation, our Black Obsidian snake carving is your go-to choice! 🔥🖤🌟🐍

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