Leo Salt Soak

Leo Salt Soak

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  1. Pour ½-1 cup of the salt soak into a warm/hot bath. You could also just do a handful too! Use your hand to mix the water around
  2. Soak for approximately 20-40 minutes; drink plenty of water during and after.
  3. For optimal detoxing results, take a salt bath once or twice a week.

Lemon Essential Oil: to help Leo’s natural energy flow freely . 


Rosemary Essential Oil: would serve the Leo energy well, with its complementary spicy aroma that nurtures the overall energy of the body 


Rose Oil: to encourage more self acceptance.


Rose to bring more confidence and protection. 


Chamomile for balancing emotions and releasing tension.


Calendula to provide strength, protection, and sun-like energy for this Sun Sign.


Epsom Salt to help soothe and soften the skin.


Pink Himalayan Salt to recharge your energy/aura and to cleanse from any unwanted energies

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Soaked my feet and ankles with this mix. Helped the aches and pains from work and smelled amazing. Thank you!

Kari Plants
Love it

I’m always happy with each product I’ve gotten from The Rozu!! The soaks smell so good and leave my skin feeling amazing!