Empowerment Essential Oil Roller
Empowerment Essential Oil Roller

Empowerment Essential Oil Roller

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Choosing to stay in the positive energy brings light and health to the physical body as well as lightens the mind. Words like self-responsibility, self-assertion, self-belief, self-understanding, self-actualization and self-love are all solar plexus words that hold a positive “I Am” frequency. 

There are some essential oils that support our positive self-image and help us identify with a sense of self-empowerment. Oils that assist the solar plexus on an emotional level are frankincense, rose, myrrh, melissa, neroli, elemi, rosewood, sandalwood, chamomile, and rosemary.

Essential oils for anxiety, like lavender, come with many uses. It can help you feel more calm, honest, and open. This essential oil tells insecurities to hit the curb when you’re starting something new or heading to a business meeting.

Jasmine is the herb of attraction. It helps bring  prophetic dreaming, money and love. 

Bay Leaf for spiritual protection and to promote good fortune, success, victory.

Calendula helps one to focus on what is truly needed, even if one is not conscious of what that is. This is great for keeping your goal in sight and allowing you to reach it with ease!

Jojoba Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil, Rose Essential Oil, Dried Jasmine, Bay Leaf, and Calendula

Customer Reviews

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Lais Teixeira

I never use this roller before and I admit that I’m in love with it!
I always keep with me and I like to use it on my rituals to feel more empowered haha!

Alana Tindall
I love this!

Probably my favorite thing from my order! It’s smells amazing and is pretty strong. I get migraines really easily and this doesn’t give me a headache!

Kimberly Catin
Empowerment <3

i absolutely love the smells of my oils, they're so dainty and herbal. Gives off very soothing vibes 💚

Brisa Simancas

Honestly, I loved the roller and it was in fact the best purchase I ever made. The aroma is very soothing and memorable. Thank you so much for creating you tik toks as it was a way I found your product and hope you have a splendid day.