Cleansing Salt Soak

Cleansing Salt Soak

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  1. Pour ½-1 cup of the salt soak into a warm/hot bath. You could also just do a handful too! Use your hand to mix the water around
  2. Soak for approximately 20-40 minutes; drink plenty of water during and after.
  3. For optimal detoxing results, take a salt bath once or twice a week.

Tip: No bath, NO PROBLEM! Soak your feet instead. Get a bucket/bowl/etc, place warm/hot water in it, and put a small handful of salts in, and enjoy!

This is a great alternative to my bath bombs in a bag, and it’s safe for sensitive skin! You can get about 3-4 uses from the bag :) Epsom salt alone is going to help you in a number of ways, a must to a good bath soak if you’re truly wanting to refresh your body. Epsom salts in your hot bath can relieve cramping, ease sore muscles and alkaline the body.  Below are the ingredients I chose for this product! 


Himalayan Pink Salt becomes a powerful detoxifier as this ionic salt solution helps extract the toxins from your skin and tissues. The Himalayan pink salt penetrates your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and nourished.

Soaking in a Himalayan salt crystal bath is like recharging your batteries. As your body organs resonate with the natural frequency of the minerals in the salt bath, your body is being recharged and energized, boosting metabolism and triggering its self-healing powers.


Juniper berries: Banishes all things injurious to good health; attracts good, healthy energies and love. Protective, cleansing and repels negativity very well.


Rose: The magickal properties include love, luck, friendship, protection and happiness. 


Star Anise: Consecration, purification, and happiness.  Use for curse breaking or increasing luck.


Rosemary increases sleep, mental power and protection. Most known for removing and cleansing negativity. 


On a spiritual level, Lemon oil is a spiritual cleanser and protector.  It lifts the soul and keeps you cheerful while going through changes.


Rosemary Essential Oil is used to improve alertness and eliminate negative moods/energies.


Bay Leaf is a powerful herb that is useful for manifestation, prosperity, protection and cleansing

Bicarbonate, epsom salt, pink himalayan salt, Lemon Essential oil, Rosemary Essential oil, dried rosemary, dried juniper berries, star anise, and dried rose.

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I really enjoy that the salt in it
Really helps my body relax, especially my bad ankles ahahah. I really enjoyed the smell too

Julie Riza
Gorgeous Salt Bath

I L💙VED the Cancer salt soak. It smelled wonderful, the color was breathtaking and it was the best bath I have ever taken.


I ordered a few different salt mixes and I love all of them! They smell great and are very relaxing!

Marie Lego

Smells amazing
I put it in cheese cloth to hang from faucet otherwise it sticks to you.

Valerie Helm
Cleansing Salt Soak, Shower Steamers

Amazing products can't wait to order again!